I really hate to be the bearer of bad beauty news but getting your face on and out the door isn’t going to happen in 5 minutes without some sacrefices. I saw a video on YouTube a few months ago about how to do a full face of makeup in 15 minutes or less? This girl started with full on, carved out brows, primer, some weird unicorn face oil all BEFORE she even gets to foundation! She highlighted and contoured and baked and bronzed…did i mention that none of this was done in real time?? The video was about 20 minutes long and over half of it was sped up.

If you really want to get out the door in a hurry its going to require preparation and some sacrifice. Your face isn’t going to be “Insta-ready” or “beat to the Gods” (whatever the hell that means!) in just minutes! I have a makeup bag that is carefully curated and designed to get the job done as quickly as possible. My goal here is to keep people from asking me if I’m feeling okay.


My biggest makeup priority are my brows. They are thin and they are sparse and they are lighter than my natural hair color. Those have to be done first.

I’m really loving MAC’s brow pencil in spiked. Its the perfect color and it’s skinny enough to give me”brow-like” hairs.


My skin has improved quite a bit so i can skip foundation and just spot conceal and set with a dusting of pressed powder.

L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in toast matches me perfectly and brush applicator makes it easy to cover my dark circles.


To bring some life back into my face, I use a sheer, shimmery color like the ones found in the BH Cosmetics Wild Child Palette. eye shadow crayon like kjjjkkj to add a sheer wash of color to my lids, followed by a natural blush color like lliiuioiuo. Finally, I use my favorite chubby gloss balm from the Queen Collection to add a bit of color and shine to my lips. These are all things that I can probably put on without a mirror and not end up looking clownish.


If i had to give up everything else on this list any only keep one thing, mascara world be it!

I love the Loreal lash paradise waterproof in blackest black.