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My Anti-Beauty Treatment…Haul???

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Okay, so i know the title doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, but bear with me. I really enjoy a good anti-haul post as much as the next girl. But I got to thinking. We’re supposed to be buffed and polished from head to toe, or else it seems like we don’t care what people think of us. Well, I do care what other people think, just not enough to actually do anything about it!

I’m a makeup junkie, I fully admit that! I have been ever since my mother brought home her makeup kit from Wilfred Beauty Academy (This place is still around apparently) full of the brightest colors that the 80’s had to offer. But, because I love makeup so much, people might see me as “high maintenance”. I’m far from it actually. Below is a list of beauty treatments that I have no time for or interest in.

Nail Art


I’m not interested in having pretty nails or anything nail related really. I tried to get into the trend in college. I would spend what little money I had on a full set only to wish that I hadn’t gotten them done in the first place. I hate that way they feel so much! Even a simple manicure is more than I’m capable of maintaining. I’m a mother and children are gross! There, I said it! I spend my days cleaning up disasters and washing my hands more than an ER nurse! There’s no gel manicure on earth that can stand up to that!

Exception: Pedicures


Now I’m not talking about crazy nail polish colors or decals or anything like that. I’m talking about trying to keep from looking like I can climb a tree bare foot or shred my sheets Edward Scissorhands style!

Wigs, Weaves or Long Hair in General


This is a bit of a touchy subject for me. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair my entire life (that story deserves its own post). For a long time, I associated long hair with femininity. And dammit, I was gonna have long hair by hook or by crook! But after trying out weaves and wigs of varying styles and lengths, I discovered something. I. Hate. Long. Hair! I think it can look pretty and does look pretty on other people, but I cannot stand the way it feels. I hate the feeling of hair on the back of my neck or my face. There is also the extra fun fact that I’m hot all the damn time and having a bunch of hair sticking to my sweaty face and body is not my idea of a good time.

Exception: I’m a woman, and I reserve the right to change m my mind at anytime!

Fashion:  Like, real fashion!


Oh boy! This is a tough one. One I’ve hand, I’m too old to shop fast fashion places like Forever 21 and Charlotte Ruse, but I still feel too young for places like Talbots and Chico’s.  Then there’s the whole “mom” thing where I don’t want to wear anything too fancy because it’s just going to end up covered in BBQ sauce and snot.  But then again, I don’t want to live in yoga pants and stained t-shirts forever.  Plus there’s the fact that I’m incredibly cheap.  That doesn’t help either.

I love to browse the Instagram’s of places like Elloqui and eShakti, but they are quite a bit out of my price range. However, it is time for me to start dressing like an actual grown-up.

Exception/Solution: Thrift!


#SecondHandfirst! I resell clothing on eBay part-time.  Because of that, I know what to look for at thrift shops and online places like Thredup!  My goal is to try my hand at a capsule wardrobe full of higher quality pieces.

I’m also looking for a little help in the styling department by trying out Stitch Fix!  Somethings you just have to outsource things!

I love makeup!  I’ve picked my vice.  If I try to be stylish from literal head to toes, I would be dead broke in no time.




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My Super Simple Skincare Routine

FTC Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link, which is a great way to support my blog.

The amount of time that I spent searching for a foundation that would give me “perfect” looking skin is really embarrassing. I bounced from one heavy, full coverage foundation to the next!

The truth is, foundation only looks as good as the skin underneath it. So like any beauty aficionado, I turned to YouTube! I was peppered with the latest and so-called greatest routines and product recommendations.

I settled on an overly complicated 11 step skincare routine supposedly made popular in Korea. After rummaging through my stash of samples and half used (and forgotten about) products, I found enough stuff to slap on my face.

I tried this routine for about a week before I threw in the towel. My skin was NOT happy! It actually looked angry. I had new breakouts, new dark spots and no glow in sight. My pores looked worse than they ever had!

So after stumbling onto this video by Kiki G, I decided to boil down my routine to the absolute bare necessities. She does a great job of explaining exactly why each step that she recommends is necessary.

I asked myself what my skin actually needed. It needed to be clean (which includes removing my makeup first), moisturized and protected.

These few products helped to get my skin back in balance:

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser (The one with the green lid)

Sometimes and oldie is a goodie! The cleanser does a wonderful job of breaking down my makeup before I wash my face.  After slathering it on in a thin layer, I let it sit for 5 minutes or so before removing it with a warm washcloth.

Cerave Renewing SA Cleanser for Normal Skin

This cleanser is amazing!  It’s a gel cleanser with a light foaming action that doesn’t strip my skin.  It has the added bonus of salicylic acid for gentle daily exfoliation.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Moisturizer with SPF 30

I was so excited to find this moisturizer!  It’s a super light weight, non-greasy moisturizer that has the added bonus of a broad spectrum spf.  It absorbs fast too!

Garnier SkinActive Ultra-Lift Sleeping Cream

Even though I have oily skin, it still tends to get dehydrated overnight. This helps my skin retain moisture overnight and my skin feels super soft in the mornings!

Cerave Eye Repair Cream

IMG_2712 (Edited)

I wanted a simple, no bells or whistles eye cream that would help with fine lines and dark circles.  This cream really does foot the bill!  Cerave is a cult favorite for a reason.  I noticed a difference after a few weeks.  My lines were softer and my dark circles were less noticeable.

I plan to add some treatment products to my routine once I do a little more research.

What do you think is missing from my routine??

I’d love to know what some of  your must have skincare products are?? Let me know in the comment section below!