Fuego Palette by Crown Brush Pro | Review + Swatches


When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I like a variety of colors. I like to feel as if I’m getting the most out of my money. Which is why I’ve never really been a fan of monochromatic eyeshadow palettes…that is, until now. I received the Fuego palette by Crown Brush Pro in a previous Boxycharm. This palette is sort of a mix of warm shimmery browns and oranges and shimmery rose golds and dark peaches. 

Amazon describes this palette as:

Made up of rich warm-toned shades, this creamy, high-pigmented palette gives you exactly what you need to create infinite flawless eye looks. The 5 shimmer shades perfectly complement the 5 matte shades, making this the palette for all your glam #goals.


This palette comes in a black cardboard package with the crown pro logo embossed in gold on the cover and a magnetic closure. It contains a mirror and 10 square eyeshadow pans. The packaging is sturdy enough to fold open all the way making it easy to hold. It also wipes clean very easily. 


The Fuego Palette Contains 10 colors. One drawback is the shades aren’t named so for me, recreating the look for others is a little extra work.  5 mattes and 5 shimmers. Most of the matte shades are creamy and blend easily with the exception fo the second to the last color. It’s a cooler-toned dark brown shade that I think will hard pan pretty quickly. The shimmers are amazingly bright and vibrant while still being creamy and blendable. They also wear wonderfully all on their own. Add a quick swipe of mascara and you’re good to go.



You’re not going to get a large variety of unique looks from this palette. Although you can wear each shade alone for a subtly different look, it’s not going to be terribly unique.  


The matte shade in the Fuego palette are really smooth and blend together very well with the exception of the second to last matte shade in the palette.  That shade isn’t very pigmented and goes on a bit patchy. There is very little fallout in this palette with is a huge plus for me. The shimmers are amazing! They apply well with a wet or dry brush. I apply them with my fingers to get more intensity. The lightest shade gives are really soft focus almost diffused effect on the brow bone. 


I for sure think some of the matte shades could have a better texture to them. Also the monochromatic look of this palette grew on me, I think this palette could benefit from a larger variety of shades. Maybe some burnt oranges and siennas and maybe some brick reds would really round out this palette.



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