How to get the most out of makeup try on apps

So I’ve been feeling like absolute garbage the past few days. My kids have brought home a fun little bug (thanks kids!). I was planning to do a FOTD, but putting makeup on is the last thing I feel like doing.

I have found a way to get my makeup fix without applying a stitch of makeup! There is, in fact, an app for that! My favorite by far is an app called Perfect365. This app lets you take selfies and accurately apply a wide range of makeup looks. You can even apply makeup to live videos of yourself.

You can take an ordinary picture like this and instantly try on tons of different looks, like:


And my favorite…

You can even see side-by-side before and after!

This app has looks by makeup artists and makeup brand along with product recommendations!

So here are a few tips to get the most out of apps like these:

  1. Take selfies face natural light if possible.
  2. At minimum, put your brows on! I tried on a few looks without doing this first and YIKES!!’
  3. Don’t be afraid to try some outrageous looks! You might just surprise yourself!

At least the lipstick is pretty!

I would LOVE to see what looks you come up with in this app! Try it for yourself and tag me @cuteandwicked on Instagram!

This post was NOT sponsored by Perfect365. All opinions are my own.

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