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All of my work is covered by copyright. Any use,  republication , copying, reposting, uploading and/or duplication of my content, including but not limited to  photos and material is prohibited without express written permission from me. Please do not use, copy or republish any of my content on your blogs, websites, message boards without receiving written permission.


All posts written here are solely based on my own personal experiences and opinions only. The information contained within this blog is written for general informational purposes only. Although I strive to be as detailed and accurate as possible with photographs, please note colors, textures, pigments, longevity, experiences etc. of products may vary. Each computer screen and may change slightly.  The colors and textures of pigments will differ from person to person. I am not a medical expert, but I do possess medical degrees that  I am quite proud of but I am only sharing information that I have obtained from my own experience and review, not as a licensed professional. Your experience may vary with each product featured. 

P/R- Press/Lab Samples

Many products featured on this blog were purchased on my own however I do accept press samples from brands and companies I feel are truly a good fit for my blog. I do not accept samples from every offer proposed to me and products sent to Endcap Addict are not guaranteed to be reviewed. Press samples provided free of charge or sponsorships do not affect reviews on the product. Each item is tested by me before a review is published.

Affiliate Links/Advertising/Sponsorships

End Cap Addict does accept monetary compensation through affiliate links, advertising and sponsored collaborations in partnership with various brands, retailers or PR firms. Posts and advertisements containing affiliate links can generate a small commission on purchases made from clicking directly from this blog to the online retailer. Please Note that not all links published on this blog are affiliate links. Utilizing these links help support my blog. In short…I will not promote what I do not enjoy or personally use.

Please feel free to contact Aisha Crenshaw, for further information and/or business inquiries at endcapaddict@gmail.com

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